One of the best parts of my job is the many brilliant students I have the opportunity to mentor. Here is a (somewhat incomplete) list of the students and their projects.


  • Continuing students: Keenan Albee, Andrew Bylard, Chris Eriksen, Brian Hou
  • Deanna Flynn - Neural architecture search
  • Julien Lombardo - Astrobee perching
  • Keanu Nichols - Deep learning for damaged building detection and cloud detection
  • Marina Moreira - Astrobee cargo transport
  • Robert Campbell - Asymmetric autoencoder search
  • Tevin Achong - Digital elevation maps integrated with remote sensing for deep learning


  • Keenan Albee - Kinodynamic motion planning for Astrobee, with arm motion.
  • Andrew Bylard - Motion planning based on differential geometry.
  • Abhishek Cauligi - Sampling-based motion planning for Astrobee.
  • Chris Ericksen - Learning object recognition from limited data.
  • Ruben Garcia - Android improvements for Astrobee and much more.
  • Brian Hou - Planning for non-prehensile manipulation.
  • Evelyn Huang - Controlling Astrobee while grasping large objects.
  • Amit Palekar - Astrobee guest science examples and face tracking.
  • Ben Saeks - Astrobee arm firmware and drivers.
  • Robbie Selwyn - Astrobee guest science and signal lights.
  • Peter Wofford, Vivek Kumar, and Bryce Van Ross - Astrobee ZeroRobotics competition.


  • Marcelino Almeida - Astrobee obstacle mapping.
  • Miguel Borges - Open source Vive drivers for localization ground truth (publication, software).
  • Teresa Conceicao - Joint calibration of depth and visual cameras (publication).
  • Max Feinberg - Mapping and localization with different cameras.
  • Karen Orton - Astrobee Gazebo simulator.
  • Gwang Ho Park - Astrobee signal lights.
  • Jefferson Ridgeway - Automated regression testing for localization.


  • Marissa Dattler - Lake level monitoring
  • Nolan Cate, Chelsea Ackroyd, Anton Surunis - Measuring surface water changes in Lake Tahoe (video).
  • Philip Cooksey - Astrobee replanning in response to failures.
  • Pyojin Kim - Localization in changing lighting conditions (publication, video).